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Your Pharmacy’s Partner for Diagnostics Success

Pharmacy Shopper

Pharmacies are the New Front Door of Healthcare.


Diagnostics Are The Key


  • Improving individual’s health begins with a clear diagnosis of their condition.  If pharmacies are healthcare’s new front door, diagnostics are the keys to enter. 
  • Diagnostic products and services are valuable for connecting a customer to a pharmacy’s broader health and wellness offerings.  By expanding their diagnostics solutions, pharmacies can play a more active role in customers’ healthcare journeys.
Pharmacist & Customer

1. Clinic

Stock your clinic with the right tests backed by the right partner. PHASE Scientific’s INDICAID COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests for Point-of-Care make it easy, fast, and efficient for your clinic staff to administer tests at scale.

2. Retail

INDICAID COVID-19 OTC Rapid Antigen Tests come in two-pack kits and are a comfortable, affordable way for your pharmacy customers to test themselves and their families in the comfort of their own homes.

3. Prescriptions

We understand how important filling scripts is to your business. That’s why PHASE Scientific Americas is partnering with telehealth and medication providers to connect results from our tests to prescriptions from your pharmacy.



Choose Science-Based Products


Our company founders are scientists first and bring their science-first approach to innovate and ensure that our products are among the most effective, fast and affordable. 


Expect People-First Support




Your focus should be on delivering great customer experiences at a profit – not on the administrative detail of managing product supply.  Our team is built to anticipate and respond to your needs and to those of your customers.


  • Accessibility - Need help? We’re a nimble, transparent organization and our leadership is available to talk with you directly to develop creative solutions that meet your needs.
  • Availability – Need supply?  When infection surges occur, you need fresh product on hand.  We vow to be transparent about inventory and shipping – so you avoid hassle and your customers can get what they need, when they need it.
  • Merchandising – Need sell-through? Whether it is providing PDQ displays or educational material, we’ll work alongside you to provide marketing solutions that accelerate sales of products from your shelves. 
Pharmacist Future

PHASE Scientific has been a leader...

In point-of-care and over the counter COVID-19 diagnostics for healthcare providers from hospitals and urgent care facilities to primary care practices and clinics.

Stay tuned...

We’re expanding our respiratory diagnostic offerings and introducing diagnostics for other infectious diseases and for a variety of markets.











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Conquer the At-Home Diagnostics Category


Read our latest article about how pharmacies are poised to capture the market for at-home diagnostic test kits.


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The benefits of antigen testing is its speed, sensitivity and ease-of-use, which can help reduce community transmission of COVID-19.
Vincent N. - Pharmacist