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Your Pathway to Enhancing Revenue Growth and Elevating Customer Experiences

Your Pathway to Enhancing Revenue Growth and Elevating Customer Experiences

As a leader in a retail pharmacy or convenient care clinic, you are likely continuously exploring opportunities to augment profitability while distinguishing yourself from competitors. INDICAID health can help you achieve both goals.


Your customers will benefit from at-home diagnostic tests made in the USA, coupled with our own CLIA-certified testing lab, which includes virtual care options and treatments to help your customers get back to better health sooner – on their time and in the comfort and privacy of their own home.


  • Provide a complete OTC solution for your retail customers – from testing to treatment - while also supporting your need to build clinical and prescription revenue.
  • Put your customers at the center of their own health experience – creating a better customer experience, enhancing access to care, and building loyalty and profitable revenue.  

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Win In the Emerging At-Home Health Sector

The at-home diagnostics market is expected to grow to $8.5 Billion by 2030¹





Merchandising and Category Enhancement Program

INDICAID health is partnering with retail pharmacies and convenient care clinics to drive new revenues with an At-Home Category enhancement program, helping you to:

Take Brand

Our co-branding options help establish your brand as the one-stop for at-home diagnostics.

The Category

We provide merchandising tools and market insights to make your at-home diagnostic offerings more visible and accessible.

Your Consumers

We equip your team and your consumers to better understand the shifting category and their diagnostic and treatment options.



Benefit from the Growth of At-Home Testing

If you're a potential business partner,
let’s talk about how we can work together to bring a better back-to-health solution to your customers and patients.


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¹ - Vision Research, June 2022