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May is Women’s Health Month


May 22, 2023

May is Women’s Health Month


May is Women’s Health Month


Every household has a person with the job description of “chief medical officer.” While not an official title, the job involves researching and deciding the best healthcare action for the family. There is an excellent chance this person is not a healthcare professional and, in most households, is a woman. According to a 2022 McKinsey study, women make 80 percent of healthcare decisions and are more likely to choose how they and their families receive healthcare.


Each year, May is recognized as Women’s Health Month to focus on the essential challenges women face. National Women’s Health Week is celebrated yearly, from Mother’s Day, May 14, through May 21, to encourage women and girls to prioritize their health. The theme for this year is “Women’s Health, Whole Health: Prevention, Care, and Wellbeing.” With this theme in mind, we wanted to examine how the ever-changing landscape of healthcare diagnostics plays a role in women’s health.


Diagnostics tools can be crucial in building the pathway for better health outcomes for women by facilitating early disease and virus detections and empowering women with awareness. As the health care expert of the family, women understand the value of earlier diagnosis and treatment and how diagnostic innovations now put the power of health knowledge at their fingertips.


As the sense of urgency in research has produced new developments in diagnostic testing since COVID-19, women are putting their health consciousness and awareness into their own hands. Women’s health concerns are no longer restricted to reproductive or maternal health. The discussion on women’s health now factors in several illnesses and health issues that impact women throughout their lifespan, such as cardiovascular diseases, bone diseases, thyroid disorders, diabetes, and ovarian and breast cancer. In this context, diagnostic services and solutions can be pivotal in building the pathway for better healthcare outcomes for women by facilitating early disease detection. In a way, diagnostic solutions empower women with knowledge and awareness of various health issues and help them make informed decisions at the right time.


Lastly, with the invention of new technologies, including digital platforms, telemedicine, and AI-enabled diagnostics, the healthcare industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. These technologies allow for more efficient diagnosis of diseases and lead to faster treatment.


PHASE Scientific is a fast-growing biotechnology company dedicated to inspiring a new state of health. We are committed to providing patients and healthcare providers with innovative diagnostic and data tools that will assist them in understanding their health and making better health decisions.




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